Monday, April 8, 2013

The Big Move

Im starting my blog with a very monumental time in my life, I have moved out of Northeast Ohio since my small amount of time in Virginia when I was less than one years old. I recently moved to Black Mountain, North Carolina, a mountainous small town wedged up against the Seven Sisters and a spit shot away from the ever growing city of Asheville. I moved at a time when I was at my lowest, I had a rough 2012 and was happy to be done with college. I lost somebody dear to me, whether for better or for worse, and my mind, heart, soul took a hit that I can only dampen by throwing my face into a pillow and letting it all go. So I packed my bags and headed for the south, and I take it day by day.
Black Mountain is a wonderful area, home to the tallest point east of the Mississippi, Mount Mitchell, and it takes the cake for mountain running in the Appalachia. I knew it was a place for me, with its laid back, small town, blue collar, hippie feel. I quickly signed a lease with a realty and was in the mountains as soon as possibly. Joy filled my heart when I instantly found a small trail in my back woods that lead me directly up the West Ridge, Middle Mountains, all the way to the notorious Graybeard Peak. Apache and I knocked this run out a couple of times, and since then I've come to appreciate the difficulty it takes to train in the mountains. In Ohio, I could run 4-5 hours through the Valley and would only encounter fatigue, but here in BM I encounter a whole knew activation of muscle groups. Im excited to see where my mountain running will get me in couple weeks  , as Im signed up for Promise Land 50k to gage where my body has come . I only fear that I am not yet ready for promise land, as the move has been quite time consuming and the terrain has taking a large notch out of my "peak training" weekly mileage.
The people of WNC  make it worth its while, with a smile on nearly everyones face, and the hardworking blue collar modesty that follows. Its what really attracted me to the area, along with some great runners who had arms wide open for my arrival. People such as Mark Lundblad, Adam Hill, and Peter Ripmaster, treated me like a long time friend as I nabbed at the idea of moving. It made my transition a lot easier and my social life not so absent for the first weeks. I started working for Peter, taking care of the Running Specialty store her in town called Black Mountain Running Co. which has eaten some of my time. In the summer I will be working at the Swannanoa 4H Boys and Girls outdoor camp, in which I will be a camp counselor teaching all types of outdoor knowledge I've learned in the past. I cant wait to start work to meet more people of the area, as it will keep me even more busy.
So I leave with a goodbye, and a note that Everyone needs to be true to themselves
  Until my next post, LIVE EASY and RUN HARD

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